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Pepper For Girls

"Dear customers, we would like to inform you that all orders placed from June 16th to August 10th will be shipped out on August 12th. We will still be responding to inquiries via the contact page. We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you for your continued support."


For Girls Logistics Manager

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Why are Kampot Peppers Special?

La Plantation Pepper Farm

Taste the “World Best Pepper” at La Plantation, Certified Organic Kampot Pepper Farm

Organically Grown in Cambodia

Kampot Peppers are Handpicked From the Organic Pepper Farm 

Perfect for Gifts and Cooking

Freshly Stored in Air Sealed Packages to be delivered to Your Home with Love and Appreciation!

Experts on Kampot Peppers

When you try Kampot pepper, it’s hot at first. Then it calms down, down, down – like flowers on the back of your tongue...  That’s when you know you have the real one." 

So Sokha

“Anybody who tries Kampot pepper wants to know more... it’s not just for the pepper’s taste... it wakes the palate and enhances the taste of other foods.”

Christopher Gow